Quick Start#


IVABS_ROOT refers to the root directory of iVABS after installation.

Run iVABS with a simple example#

Start the shell/terminal that is configured during the installation. Please refer to Download & Installation for more information.

If you are using Python virtual environment managed by Anaconda (see Setup Python Environment), you need to activate it first. For example, if Python 3.6 and all dependencies are installed in a virtual environment named py3ivabs, then activate it using

conda activate py3ivabs

Go to the directory IVABS_ROOT/examples/e0_quickstart

cd IVABS_ROOT/examples/e0_quickstart

Run the example using the following command. Note: The actual Python command may vary depending on your environment setup, such as python or python3.

python run.py cs_param_study.yml

If iVABS has been installed properly, it will generate a complete list of output files shown in the section below (Output files). In the file cs_param_study.out, the following message should appear at the end of the file.

<<<<< Iterator multidim_parameter_study completed.
<<<<< Environment execution completed.
DAKOTA execution time in seconds:
Total CPU        =     34.003 [parent =     34.003, child =          0]
Total wall clock =     34.003

Running time usually takes less than one minute depending on the computer.

Please refer to Parameter study of a single cross-section for a detailed explanation of this example.

iVABS running options#

The general command syntax to run an iVABS study is

python run.py main_input.yml [mode] [dakota_params.in dakota_results.out]

There are three running modes:

  1. Mode 0 is the default mode. It will generate Dakota input and run.

    python run.py main_input.yml
  2. Mode 1 runs a single analysis. This mode is designed to use the simple iVABS interface to run PreVABS without using Dakota.

  3. Mode 2 only generates Dakota input. The process stops after generating the Dakota input.

    python run.py main_input.yml 2

Other examples#

More examples can be found in Section Examples.