Download & Installation#


iVABS can be dowloaded from its Release Page on github. The directory Assets contains the installation files you need to download for different versions. Please ignore Source code (zip) and Source code (tar.gz) because they just contain files used to generate this documentation site. Package with installer in the file name contains a single executable for the automatic installation. Package with portable in the file name contains all the files in an archive requiring manual extraction and setting up. Packages are released for both Windows and Linux.



  • Request VABS from AnalySwift and follow the VABS instruction to install.

  • The VABS installation directory VABS_ROOT should be in the environment variable (PATH for Windows/Linux and LD_LIBRARY_PATH for Linux) so that iVABS can invoke the VABS executable.

  • Request license from AnalySwift. License should also be placed inside VABS_ROOT.


Python 3.6 or above is required for iVABS to run. Packages numpy (Version 1.19 or above), scipy (Version 1.1 or above), and pyyaml (Version 5.4 or above) should also be properly installed. For help on configuring the Python environment, see Setup Python Environment.


Minimum versions for Python packages are roughly determined by checking some key features needed by iVABS. If the versions are too low or unnecessarily high, please let the developers know.