, analysis, ppcmd, solver, integrated=False, aperiodic=False, output_gmsh_format=True, reduced_integration=False, timeout=30, scrnout=True, logger=None, timer=None)#


  • sg_xml (str) – File name of SG design parameters (XML format).

  • analysis (str) –

    Analysis to be carried out.

    • h - homogenization

    • d - dehomogenization/localization/recover

    • f - initial failure strength

    • fe - initial failure envelope

    • fi - initial failure indices and strength ratios

  • ppcmd (str) – Preprocessor command.

  • solver (str) – Command of the solver.

  • integrated (bool, optional) – Use integrated solver or not (standalone), by default False.

  • aperiodic (bool, optional) – (SwiftComp) If the structure gene is periodic, by default False.

  • output_gmsh_format (bool, optional) – (SwiftComp) If output dehomogenization results in Gmsh format, by default True

  • reduced_integration (bool, optional) – (SwiftComp) If reduced integration is used for certain elements, by default False.

  • timeout (int, optional) – Time to wait before stop, by default 30.

  • scrnout (bool, optional) – Switch of printing solver messages, by default True.

  • logger (logging.Logger, optional) – Logger object, by default None.


Different analyses return different types of results.

Return type